#ISPF14 postponed

We apologise, because of technical constraints we’ve been forced to postpone the event and the date has to be defined.
We’ll tell you more very soon.
#ISPF14 will be a great event and we want to plan it in the best way!

Work in progress for #ISPF14!

Meeting #ISPF14Still working on the schedule with Antonio (our CEO), Letizia, Luca L., Luca C., Giulia and Lucia.
You’ll have news very soon.
In the meanwhile save the date and see you in Senigallia!

#ISPF14, schedule meeting before the press conference

#ISPF14 meeting#ISPF14 is really coming soon.
Tomorrow we’ll meet press in Senigallia to announce and sign the agreeement between Simplicissimus Book Farm and municipality of Senigallia regarding our International Self Publishing Festival.
Today we planned a first draft of the schedule.
We’ll update you very soon and see you next 25-27 July in Senigallia!
[From the left, Luca Lorenzetti, Giulia Sbaffo, Letizia Perazzini, Antonio Tombolini, Luca Conti]


Library, a place for people. The contest became an ebook

library_big_tAt #ISPF2013 we promoted a contest called Storie da Biblioteca (Library Tales), in its special stage in Senigallia: Library, a place for people.
During the contest, organized by AIB Marche (Italian Libraries Association), many writers and photographers realized their own tales and pics following a unique subject: living and working in a library.

The winners have been rewarded during #ISPF2013 with two Kobo ebook readers by Camille Mofidi (Kobo Writing Life), and also with Simplicissimus’ prizes.
Moreover their tales and pics have been collected in two anthologies by Narcissus and published for free on Ultima Books‘ shelves and on all the other ebook stores distributed by Narcissus.me, included Amazon, Apple iBook Store and Google Play!

We’re glad for our partnership with AIB Marche and that libraries are so open-minded towards Self Publishing. 🙂

See you at #ISPF14 next 25-27 July!

The prizegiving video below.

What’s an Audio-eBook? From #ISPF2013 to ReadBeyond

At #ISPF2013 we had two important guests, Cristiana Giacometti and Alberto Pettarin.

Cristiana Giacometti (ilnarratore.it) showed to the audience an interesting presentation about the audio-books’ world.
Alberto Pettarin (Read Beyond‘s CEO), with his speech “Bringing Innovation into Digital Publishing: Hire the hackers!” presented a new amazing start-up with its brand new app, called Menestrello, a free app realized to read an ebook with a synchronized listening in EPUB3.

Now, a few months after #ISPF2013 (19-20 October) Cristiana and Alberto built up a beautiful project: the collection called “Le Voci dei Classici” (The Classic Voices) is now available also in Audio-eBook , that combines the written text with the audio narrated by a professional.
In the official page of Menestrello you can find some audio-ebook for free. Why don’t you try? 🙂
What’s an audio-ebook? Here you can find the answer.

Here you are two videos of Cristiana and Alberto at #ISPF2013. See you at #ISPF14 next July, 25-27!

See you at #ISPF14 from 25 to 27 July in Senigallia! Save the date!

Finally here you are the dates of the 2nd edition of the International Self Publishing Festival: see you in Senigallia next 25-27 July!
testatina inglese ISPF





#ISPF14 is organized by Narcissus.me, Simplicissimus Book Farm’s Self Publishing platform.
#ISPF14 is a festival, to celebrate with selfpublishers and anybody who loves books “The Renaissance of Publishing” as our CEO defined it.
That’s the reason why #ISPF14 is free and international, because we want that everybody can participate and live the Festival with us.
After the great success of the 1st edition, #ISPF2013, that took place in the beautiful Foro Annonario Square in Senigallia (Marche region), the mayor Maurizio Mangialardi was immediately enthusiast to host the 2nd appointment and the other in the future.
We’re glad for this: “More than 1.000 people in a square in the name of books: it’s possible!”

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@selfpubfest), and on the official website: www.selfpublishingfestival.org .
See you in Senigallia from the 25 to the 27 July!

Thank you everybody, see you at #ISPF2014

[Loreto, 24/10/2013] More than 1.000 visitors, 2.500 people attending Alessandro Bergonzoni’s interview, 27 speakers, 40 merchants, 21 Narcissus’ authors.Antonio Tombolini and his team at #ISPF2013
1 International Self Publishing Festival.
Here you are the numbers of #ISPF2013.

These are great numbers but #ISPF2013 has been also meetings, experience, exchanges, updates.
#ISPF2013 has been also communication and analysis.
#ISPF2013 has been the occasion to talk about important subjects like Self Publishing and it has been the evidence that it was necessary, involving exactly its protagonists, the authors.#ISPF2013 with Alessandro Bergonzoni

As Antonio Tombolini, Simplicissimus Book Farm’s CEO, wrote the day after the Festival: “If your were there or not, if you loved it or not, at #ISPF2013 a fact happened: more than 1000 people in a square in the name of books: it’s possible!”

This weekend in Senigallia we really celebrated the Renaissance of Publishing, and we are grateful to you that made it possible.
Thank you so much and see you next year at #ISPF2014!

Narcissus & Simplicissimus Book Farm’s Tribe

PS If you didn’t see it yet, here’s the beautiful reportage by Alessio Jacona, from which we took the photos of this post.

The day after #ISPF2013, looking for the 2nd edition

#ISPF2013 by Alessio Jacona[Loreto, 21/10/2013] The 1st International Self Publishing Festival ended in style with the interview of Antonio Tombolini and Angelo Figorilli (Tg2 Rai) on Foro Annonario stage (Senigallia): The Renaissance of Publishing.
Tombolini, promoter of #ISPF2013 and Simplicissimus Book Farm’s CEO, and his team managed a weekend of Self Publishing celebration, with lots of guests, lots of authors and visitors.Antonio Tombolini and his team at #ISPF2013

Some numbers
At this first edition of #ISPF2013 there have been more than 1.000 registered, with more than 2.500 persons in the square during the intervention-interview of the famous Italian artist and actor Alessandro Bergonzoni.
Alessandro Bergonzoni e Ciccio RigoliOn Foro Annonario stage there have been 27 speakers from Italy, Germany, England and the Netherlands, among which we remember Edoardo Brugnatelli (Mondadori), Carlo Annese (Condé Nast), Matteo Caccia and Tiziano Bonini (Radio 24), Arianna Ciccone (Valigia Blu), Camille Mofidi (Kobo), Paul Hayes (7write), and so on.
The Publishing Market in the square hosted 40 merchants of the publishing sector and was sold out two weeks before the Festival.
Finally 21 authors gave life to the amazing selfpublishers’ space, The Pickwick Club, promoting themselves and their books during their personal speeches.

To celebrate Self Publishing and self-production, there have been some of the best Italian food producers: Uliassi Street Good, Acetaia San Giacomo (vinegar), Parco dei Buoi (olive oil), Brunelli (chocolate) and Birrificio dei Castelli (beer).
Moreover two concerts animated the weekend, on Saturday evening the rock bands of Concerto Triplo, and on Sunday morning the Balkan music of the Obelisco Nero band.

“I’m very proud and satisfied for the results of this 1st edition”, asserts Antonio Tombolini, who continues “and I’m even more glad that the Major of Senigallia, Maurizio Mangialardi, told with plain words about the complete availability of the municipality to host the 2nd edition of the Festival and to start planning #ISPF2014 as soon as possible”.
Photos by Alessio Jacona

Giulia Sbaffo
Corporate Communication Manager
(+39) 334 3300991

#ISPF2013: Narcissus.me announces program for first International Self-Publishing Festival in Senigallia

Foro annonario copia[9/10/2013] Narcissus.me, the sponsor and organizer of the event, has announced its detailed program for the first International Self-Publishing Festival which will be held on 19-20 October in Piazza Annonario in Senigallia.

Independent authors and publishing professionals will be taking part in the event. Other guests include self-producers from the music, comic book, cinema, education and food & wine sectors, just to name a few.

“Our objective is to celebrate self publishing as a Renaissance of the sector during these digital times,” notes Antonio Tombolini, Simplicissimus Book Farm’s CEO. “The success of digital self production has really changed the rules radically, allowing a number of individuals to access the publishing market”.

The stage at #ISPF2013 will host interviews, debates, readings, as well as concerts and shows. The detailed program can be found on the official website for the event: http://www.selfpublishingfestival.org/programme/

Highlights of the festival include a performance by Alessandro Bergonzoni (Alessandro Bergonzoni incontra l’Amorte, Saturday the 19th at 7pm), the vocal raids of Isabella Carloni, the Concerto Triplo on Saturday evening (3 independent rock bands introduced by Radio 101 hosts Tamara Taylor and DJ Leo Patanè), a live version of the well-known Radio 24 program Voi siete qui (with Matteo Caccia, Saturday the 19th at 4:30pm and Sunday the 20th at 11am), and the final super concert at noon featuring Obelisco Nero on Sunday the 20th.

Major players from the publishing world will be special guests and include Carlo Annese (GQ Condè Nast), Edoardo Brugnatelli (Mondadori), Camille Mofidi (Kobo), and Arianna Ciccone (creator and soul of the International Journalism Festival in Perugia).

The event will conclude with an interview/talk on the future of publishing between Angelo Figorilli (TG2 Rai) and Antonio Tombolini (Founder of Simplicissimus Book Farm) on the morning of Sunday, the 20th.

#ISPF2013 will also be a real publishing market. Professionals from the publishing world will have free access to stands where they can promotes their products and services aimed at authors and self-publishers participating in the event. “In this exciting atmosphere, we want to create a real life model of the marketplace we want to propose virtually on FootWings.com, the marketplace dedicated to publishing, which we plan on launching during the festival”, states Tombolini.

Of course there will be a space dedicated to authors called “The Pickwick Club” where self-publishers will be able to introduce, promote and sell their books. Authors can book a slot to present their books at http://www.selfpublishingfestival.org/the-pickwick-club/.

The festival will be totally free and open to everyone, but we recommend registering for the even as all registered participants will receive an official bag with gadgets from the event.

Narcissuswww.narcissus.me – is Simplicissimus Book Farm’s digital self publishing platform. There are about 4000 users, a thousand of them having published at least one title. Up to now we have had 2145 titles published with Narcissus.me, more than half of all self-published ebooks in Italy (according to AIE data in May 2013, 3500 books have been self-published).

Giulia Sbaffo
Corporate Communication Manager – Simplicissimus Book Farm
334 3300991