We apologise, because of technical constraints we’ve been forced to postpone the event and the date has to be defined.
We’ll tell you more very soon.

#ISPF14 is organized by Narcissus.me, Simplicissimus Book Farm’s Self Publishing platform.
#ISPF14 is a festival, to celebrate with selfpublishers and anybody who loves books “The Renaissance of Publishing” as our CEO defined it.
That’s the reason why #ISPF14 is free and international, because we want that everybody can participate and live the Festival with us.
After the great success of the 1st edition, #ISPF2013, that took place in the beautiful Senigallia (Marche region), the mayor Maurizio Mangialardi was immediately enthusiast to host the 2nd appointment and the other in the future.
We’re glad for this: “More than 1.000 people in a square in the name of books: it’s possible!”

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Records &Numbers from the 1st edition

The 1st edition of the International Self Publishing Festival has been a success.
More than 1.000 visitors, 2.500 people attending Alessandro Bergonzoni’s interview, 27 speakers, 40 merchants, 21 Narcissus’ authors.
But #ISPF2013 has been also meetings, experience, exchanges, updates.
#ISPF2013 has been also communication and analysis.
#ISPF2013 has been the occasion to talk about important subjects like Self Publishing and it has been the evidence that it was necessary, involving exactly its protagonists, the authors.
As Antonio TomboliniSimplicissimus Book Farms CEO, wrote the day after the Festival: “If your were there or not, if you loved it or not, at #ISPF2013 a fact happened: more than 1000 people in a square in the name of books: it’s possible!”.


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